Apple to drop LCD displays for OLED in 2020 iPhones

After rumors about Apple’s transition from LCD panels fitted on iPhone XR to the all-new OLED panels by 2020, a WSJ report points in the same direction. Posted recently, WSJ stats that Apple is making its transition from LCD displays and will replace it with OLED panels in its iPhone lineup by 2020 to facilitate flexible handset design and more.

Although Apple hasn’t come forward claiming the same, there are certain pointers that are directing towards the possible transition. Rumors suggest that Japan Display which is a sole supplier for LCD panels that were mounted on iPhone XR is reaching out to investors in order to put firmer grounds before Apple switches to OLED panels later next year.

According to the WSJ report, Japan Display Inc. has asked the Silk Road Fund and Taiwan’s TPK Holdings Co. to invest with a 30% stake and a possibility of further greater control over the company.

Apple to drop LCD displays for OLED in 2020 iPhones

Cupertino-based Apple is bailing out of procuring LCD displays from Japan Display due to stagnating and even worse, dropped sales of iPhone XR which was up for sales in November 2018 and overall acute sales drop across all smartphones worldwide.

In fact, Apple has dropped the price of iPhone XR in China and has halted the manufacturing of the same to cut down on loss or say reduced revenue because its Apple and it is worth more than few larger companies like Twitter, Ford, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and many others combined.

Reportedly, Apple has asked LG Display that supplies OLED displays for its iPhones along with Samsung Displays, to increase production and has even asked to build an R&D site in Taiwan for the OLED panels. OLED or Organic Light-emitting Diode are way efficient than LCD or Liquid-crystal displays because the latter needs a whole component to backlight while each pixel in an OLED display is individually controlled thereby allowing the OEMs to design irregular shapes of the screen without any hitch such as a curved display, etc.

2019 iPhone lineup is touted as more of an iterative changed design, however, we could hope for a radically changed design for the 2020 iPhone when Apple is expected to roll out an outward folding phone too which will follow an inverse solution i.e. rather than being larger in its base form to become even larger when unfolded. Indeed, it will be a mini iPhone that will be converted into a tablet-like screen real estate because Apple loves innovation and that’s what it could do although the aforementioned solution is still a rumor and there is no evidence for the same.

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