Ford might launch its first-ever electric F150 SUV by 2024

Electric cars are the next big thing. After Tesla made an outstanding electric car showdown with its Tesla S Model and other models, other automakers are the joining the wagon too. We are talking about Ford, the second-largest automaker in the United States, have confirmed working on an electric SUV variant of its massively successful Ford F-150 SUVs.

Ford F-150 is one of the popular SUVs in the United States with almost 6,500 units sold out every day and that is 40 million units sold in the last 60 years of its first unveiling. The move to go electric came after Jim Farley, President of Global Markets at Ford stated that the company is working on electrifying the F-series with both hybrid and battery-electric variants in the works.

Thanks to the uber-popular F-series, electrifying it could change the perspective of other automakers as well. As a matter of fact, since there are 40 million units of F150 with close to 6,500 units sold every day, it is still a huge chunk of greenhouse gases that electric cars are actually preventing from mixing into the atmosphere.

Ford might launch its first-ever electric F150 SUV by 2024

The move will definitely signal other brands to work on similar projects such as Rivian is working on an electric SUV along with Tesla (of course).

But there are a number of challenges revolving around electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States. As of now, there are more than 1million EVs out there on the streets while the figure is expected to grow as high as 18.7 million units by 2030. Last year, President Donald Trump questioned and threatened to revoke incentives that EV manufacturers get from the federal government. Followed by the speculation that the components that are used in cars such as stainless steel might see a rise under his administration too.

But hey, Ford has already confirmed about rolling out an EV SUV just now which means it actually knows what’s going on and it is a determent to work on a similar project. According to the story covered by Vox, a standard Ford F-150 could cost around $28,000 while the higher end variant could go as high as $70,000. On the contrary, Rivian stated that it is working on an electric SUV in the price range of $70,000 which is a lot as of now.

But there are many pros that electric cars have over traditional combustion based cars. Starting with no pollution, quieter engine, four motors running under the hood i.e. one for each weel to power that indeed increases maneuverability and reduces weight as there is no driveshaft as well. The range is another benefit with EV cars along with how quiet the cars are amidst trying in the wild without scaring any animals or so.

According to Green Car Reports, Ford could launch its Hybrid F-150 series by 2020 that will be a 2021 model while we can expect a release date of around 2024 or 2025 for the EV variant although Ford hasn’t confirmed any of the above mentioned details.

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